Jake's Roofing and Construction is a full service roofing and construction company. We will go above and beyond to get your project done to your satisfaction in a timely and considerate manner.  View these testimonials for our services.

Additional Services

Roof Inspections
Jake's Roofing and Construction will complete a thorough inspection of your roof.

In the case of one of our clients, the homeowner's insurance company said they would cover two sections of the roof due to hail damage. After our team inspected the roof, we got the insurance adjuster to come back for a second inspection because we found damage on the entire roof! Due to our inspection, the homeowner now has a full roof replacement. It doesn't hurt to have us inspect your roof to look for damages that the insurance company did not see!


Dump Trailers
Our team wants to make your project as enjoyable as possible. We understand that construction and renovations at your home can be very stressful. One way we combat this stress is by using our own dump trailers. Here are five reasons why we use dump trailers:

  1. As homeowners ourselves, we understand how hard you work to maintain your yard and keep your house looking nice. Our dump trailers will prevent scratches on your concrete and ruts in your yard.
  2. Even though we're on site, your life must continue as normal. We are more than willing to move so you can park in your garage or driveway.
  3. Providing our own dump trailers saves you money! Our team calculates the project waste into your proposal.
  4. It's one less thing to worry about! There is no garbage box in front of your property and it's one less business to contact.
  5. No nails! Our team will not need to return to your site after the disposal box is removed to check for stray nails and/or waste.