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Jake with his kids

Jake Huinker


"I always give homeowners many options to choose from when it comes to material and tell them what I think would be best for their house for long term, not just to last for 10 to 12  years. I always give itemized estimates so homeowners actually know what they are getting for material and labor. I always work with a crew of skilled laborers to make sure work is done right and on time. I am there from estimates to completion of the job. I pride myself in being honest and providing quality while being affordable.

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A roofer's life

We have been roofing for many years and every word in this video is a roofers life... Roofing gets so much bad judgment but until you start doing it for a living it's hard to understand. You fall in love with the views, homeowners, working as a team, and taking pride in your work. Having a job you love can make a 15 hour day seem like a single hour. Most importantly, the guys you work with are like family to you! I hope everyone that has a workplace can say the same!