Working with insurance post-storm can be very frustrating and confusing! Let the team at Jake's Roofing and Construction help you through the process. We will work to get you the best coverage from your insurance company possible. We are more than willing to have a consultation meeting with you that will allow us to explain how insurance will cover your project. Contact us today!

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OnSpot Financing

OnSpot Financing, by CU Direct, connects consumers with local credit union financing at the point of purchase (POP). From medical providers, store retailers, and in-home resellers, OnSpot can automate the loan approval and funding process.


How It Works
Participating providers securely submit loan applications on behalf of their customers through the OnSpot Financing web portal.

Once submitted, credit unions review the application and send decisions and status updates back to the portal. If approved, the provider can even print loan documents for their customers.

Information gathered from OnSpot Financing's website.